Reclaim your Yoni power through breath and movement

Red Tent for Sound + Movement 

Reclaim your Yoni power through breath and movement

Saturday Morning 9.30-10.30am UK time
Learn three exercises to help connect you to your feminine energy, yoni and sacral chakra through breath and movement.
  • Connect to your Yoni
  • Heal the past
  • Reclaim your power
In this sacred space you will be tuning in to the language of your body through your breath, authentic movement, intuitive dance and connection.
Hop in and enjoy the journey!
Sacred Space, Breathwork, Intuitive Dance and Meditation...


Facilitators Natalie Burtenshaw & Barbara Ferreira from DANCE BETWEEN WORLDS (
Saturday's 9.30-10.30

Please ensure you book your space....
#28 DAY ~ Welcome Back Your Cycle Awareness ~ CHALLENGE

Barbara holds a strong background in Ballet, Psychology, Ecopsychology and Dance of Awareness. She is the founder of Dance Between Worlds a movement/dance, psychodynamic practice. She creates a safe, non-judgemental space, imparting a way of developing mind-body intuition, allowing genuine expression.

Natalie Burtenshaw is an English born, Australian raised Mama, intuitive reiki healer, breath-work facilitator in training and ambassador for women awakening to their inner knowing.