Red Tent Tribe Circle {May}

Monthly Red Tent Circle   

Wednesday May 26th. 7pm - 9.15

Cornerstone Community Centre Hove

Facilitator ~ Natalie Burtenshaw


Tribe Support

Menstrual Discussion - Moon + Menstruation Journal. {We encourage to bring your own journal or purchase ours at a discounted rate, view our journal here}

Healing Group Meditation

Guest Speaker  ~ TINA SLADE

My name is Tina Slade and I am a Light Language Healer. I hold the blueprint for Awakening and assisting others on their ascension journey. I am called upon to channel information from galactic and planetary guides.  I am a third generation Psychic, Medium, Tarot reader and Reiki Master. However, I now concentrate on my connection to my multidimensional self. I am a Quantum Light Language Healer and knowledge sharer. I work solely through my Light Language Dialects. I access personal and galactic templates and the Akashic records. I work in multiple dimensions and timelines. This allows me to release past, present, future and ancestral soul echoes and blockages. I have healed and released my past life gifts in accordance with my Soul Plan. I am blessed to work with Pyramid energy, 8 Sacred Crystal Skulls and a troop of Dragons and baby Dragons! I am a QHHT Level 2 practitioner and a Past Life Regressionist. My soul purpose in this incarnation is to spread channelled wisdom and assist you in your healing path. In doing that, I will explain and hold space for the divine plan to unfold. I really look forward to sharing with you! 


Magic happens when women sit in circle. 

Traditionally, when we're in ceremony celebrating with rituals and embodying the divine feminine energies of the earth and moon, magic happens.

Gathering together allows us to reconnect to our inner alchemy.

Let us show our children the sacredness of what is available to us when we collaborate. Teen's are very welcome...


Three Month Schedule

Wednesday May 17th ~ Dance Between Worlds - Barbara Ferreira
Wednesday May 26th ~ Red Tent Circle - Natalie Burtenshaw
Wednesday June 2nd ~ Dance Between Worlds - Barbara Ferreira
Wednesday June 9th ~ Breathwork Tent - Duncan Bailey
Wednesday June 16th ~ Dance Between Worlds - Barbara Ferreira
Wednesday June 23th ~ Red Tent Circle - Kahreela Anhara
Wednesday June 30th ~ Dance Between Worlds - Barbara Ferreira
Wednesday July 7th ~ Breathwork Tent - Natalie Burtenshaw
Wednesday July 14th ~ Dance Between Worlds - Barbara Ferreira
Wednesday July 21st ~ Red Tent Circle - Natalie Burtenshaw
Wednesday July 28th ~ Dance Between Worlds - Barbara Ferreira

"I am so pleased to be able to facilitate the ancient practice of a Red Tent into our modern lives. Being part of this group truly has been a liberating experience. I have gained so much knowledge from my fellow Sisterhood. The monthly ritual is one of complete joy. Everything we do and discuss gives you real world tools to unlock your full potential and live life on your own terms, knowing you have the backing of the your Sisters from the Red Tent Tribe."


Look forward to seeing you there ~NB x


A cushion or yoga mat to sit on.

A blanket.

A cup or mug.

Please wear comfortable and cozy clothing.

Please bring something meaningful to be placed on the altar we create together.  

- VENUE - Cornerstone Community Centre. Church Rd, Hove BN3 2FL.

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