Pink Moon Mist - in a satin bag

The perfect balance of cleansing ingredients energised by the moon for cleansing your home, sacred space or car, or whilst during rituals.

This is a smoke-free smudging mist that will help you create a beautiful sacred space of love, light and protection.

Our Mist contains;

  • Himalayan Pink Salt { for cleansing and purification}.
  • 100% Organic Lemon Oil {boost your feel-good hormones}.
  • 100% Organic Frankincense Oil {for grounding and connectedness}.
  • 100% Organic Orange Oil {raise our spiritual awareness}.
  • 100% Organic Tangerine Oil {antifungal and antibacterial}.
  • 100% Organic Thieves oil {antimicrobial properties}.
  • Clear Quartz Precious Stone.
  • Glass Bottle.

Using only 100% organic oils. Vegan.

100 ML


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