Red Tent for Sound & Movement

Facilitators ~ Natalie Burtenshaw, Hannah Morrish, Eugeny Couture, Natalie Ayton.

More of us are turning to sound and movement as a spiritual practice, making it an important part of our lives and a means to a higher vibration.
In our circle time we offer a number of different modalities to encourage this connection to all and to one another.
At every event, sisterhood is an important element to our time spent in circle, our circles are about encouraging the women we are closest too.

We encourage women to get involved in this timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures which serves as a regular forum, empowering women’s sense of sisterhood and self-love.

Meet our facilitators here;

Natalie Burtenshaw

Hannah Morrish

Eugeny Couture

Natalie Ayton 

~Much Love Natalie, Hannah, Eugeny & Natalie x
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- VENUE - 
Ava Betsy. 211-213 Portland Rd, Hove BN3 5JA

If you would love to join our Red Tent Tribe and attend our events {we would love to have you}, but have questions please get in contact with Natalie {here}.
If you feel that joining our online forum would suit you to start with, then please connect with us via Faceboook Request to be part of the group, we would love to have you and look forward to your contribution too.