Barbara Ferreira


 Barbara's held a strong background in Ballet, Psychology, Ecopsychology and dance of awareness. She also worked many years with young adults with autism and learning disabilities on sensorial stimulation and creative projects. She founded Dance Between Worlds. Her aim is to touch people through movement/dance creating space for connecting, embodiment, and awakening our body’s capacity to self-healing.

Dance Between World's Approach

Dance Between Worlds is a dance practice focusing on exploring the body from inside to outer connectedness. Barbara's approach is influenced by the dance of awareness cycle; sensing the body directly focusing on the physical sensations of flesh, muscle and bone. Grounding our bodies in connection to the earth and receiving support, expressing shapes, patterns and movements that are ready to take form, releasing the energy that is ready to move in the body, connecting deeper to ourselves and outwards with others and the world. Completing the journey and returning to our true nature.

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