Before using your crystal

Although crystals are said to have innate healing properties, taking the time to set an intention for your stone can heighten it's healing abilities.

Over time, crystals build up energy, you have no idea the movement your crystal has had over it's lifetime and therefore clearing and starting anew is important, to pass on your own energetic blueprint.

Seven Ways to activate Your Crystals

1. Salt Cleanse

It is difficult to go past this technique! Purchase any salt (preferably rock salt but table salt is okay) and bury your crystal in it. Simply leave it for at least 24 hours and then give it a thorough rinse in flowing cold water. 

2. Flowing Water

Crystals love natural flowing water, this can be done under your tap, but of course if you live near a waterfall, ocean or natural body of water, this would be better. Returning the crystal to natural elements is believed to fill it with the ionised nature of these environments. 

3. Sage Smudging

Smoke clears away unwanted energies and cleanses environments. Simply pass the crystal through the smoke or waft it over your crystal collection. Remember to hold the intention of what you are doing firmly in your mind.

4. Sound

Sing any sound rich with your intention such as Aum or Om. This is believed to cleanse and purify the crystal and will serve to restore its freshness. 

Or a crystal or brass singing bowls like Tibetan singing bowls are great tools for toning.

5. Sunshine

Take your crystal out in to the sunshine, allowing it to soak up the natural energies.

6. Meditation

Speak to your stone silently, verbally or in your meditation practice, ask for a healing or give your crystal a job. Don't forget to thank your crystal!

7. Earth Cleanse

Dig a hole in the earth to house your crystal and leave it for as long as you feel. Generally, a day, a week, or a cycle of the moon is a useful length of time.