Sacral Chakra Moment Candle ~ Gift Set

A lovely set of eight handmade beeswax moment candles, presented in a gorgeous wooden gift box.

 Lilac {Healing} ~ Orange {Encouragement} ~ Dark Red {Will Power} ~ Black {Protection}.


  • Mantra ~ I Feel...
  • Name in Sanskrit ~ Swadhisthana
  • Location ~ Lower Abdomen
  • Color ~ Orange
  • Element ~ Water
  • Signs of Balance ~ Warmth, confidence, and generosity
  • Signs of Imbalance ~ Fear, compulsive or obsessive behavior

Handmade from 100% beeswax, non-drip. Each candle has a 30-minute clean burn-time.

It's sometimes hard to carve out time in our busy lives, but by using this candle as a 30 minute guide, you'll find the practice integrates into your daily routine with ease.

Dimensions; 2 inches

100% Pure Cotton, Naturally dyed Beeswax